A 4 part picture of a shirtless man performing various Yoga poses.

To operate without pain, means there must be an understanding of where both mobility and stability take place within the body. Imagine the parts of the body as blocks, one stacked on top of the other. What is going on with one block will affect what happens to the others above and below it.

To function optimally, mobility must take place in the ankles, hips, and thoracic spine. Stability needs to take place in the knees, and low back. If one area of the body doesn’t adhere to this, pain and injury will most always be the outcome.

For example, if your hips are tight, most likely stemming from a tight psoas muscle, they most likely will have little mobility. If the hips are not mobile, that movement that is needed is going to translate up the body into the low back. The body has to move, if the part that is supposed to move doesn’t, the part that isn’t supposed to move does. This movement in an area that isn’t shouldn’t be moving will create pain and lead to injury.

We all want to be pain and injury free, so next time you’re in the gym, evaluate your movements and take a look as to what should be moving and what shouldn’t and begin to choose your exercises to help the body function optimally.

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