A 4 part picture of a shirtless man performing various Yoga poses.

Mobility vs. Stability

To operate without pain, means there must be an understanding of where both mobility and stability take place within the body. Imagine the parts of the body as blocks, one stacked on top of the other. What is going on with one block will affect what happens to the others above and below it. To…
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Personal trainer, Kristina Martemucci, demonstrates a Yoga pose. Kristina is a personal trainer in Binghamton, NY.

Can Bikram Yoga and Powerlifting Get Along?

Bikram yoga and powerlifting are seen by many as being on opposite ends of the spectrum. While they may appear to be very different Bikram yoga can greatly improve your lifts. Powerlifting involves compound and explosive movements. We’ll use the dead lift as an example. In order to lift weight off the ground, whether it…
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Kristina Martemucci, a personal trainer in Binghamton, NY, with her newborn daughter Fina.

Pregnancy and Strength- Trimester 3

Final stretch! This time during pregnancy is probably the most challenging due to the fact that your body has changed and continues to change and expand in ways you wouldn’t think possible. It’s not so much the general size, but what that size and physiological change does to the body. Physically, movement itself becomes more…
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Kristina Martemucci, a personal trainer in Binghamton, NY, deadlifting while pregnant.

Pregnancy and Strength- Trimester 2

Heading into week 15 things started to look up. I began to think there was a light at the end of the tunnel. Morning sickness (or rather all day sickness) had magically disappeared and I was feeling eager to do a little more in the gym. This was an opportunity for me to take back…
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Kristina Martemucci walking a toy Poodle down a sidewalk.

Pregnancy and Strength- Trimester 1

The news of finding out you are pregnant has the power to create a myriad of feelings from elation to straight up fear. It is safe to say that I cycled through a variety of these feelings the day I found out I was pregnant with my 3rd child. At the age of 39, and…
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